iKen Scientifica Workshop follows a logical model to bring out the best in every child. Participants go through six stages, right from thinking, developing and inventing their ideas.

Workshop How It Works

  • Brainstorming
  • Conceptualizing
  • Learning
  • Practicing
  • Making
  • Inventing

In each stage – Student’s undergo several hands-on projects from categories like robotics, aero-modeling, product design and technology, structural engineering, marine concepts, hydraulics and many more. These projects cover aspects like design of the prototypes, material optimization, human interface, effect on nature, degeneration and more. The concepts and the basics are also covered in the inventor’s guide book and i-Invent which is specifically designed for each Stage of the Workshop.


Students enrolling for the iKen Scientifica workshop are provided with a host of well defined learning resources in the form of a student kit that includes

Ten activities with problem statements each containing:

  • Activity introduction
  • Problem Statement
  • Hint
  • Design methodology stencil
  • Applications of science principle
  • Problem statement of related activities
  • Questionnaire (Five Questions)
  • Evaluation table
  • Web-links for reference/guidance/hints
  • More activities that can be performed using the given components
  • Grand Crossword


I-Invent – These books introduce children to many interesting stories and case studies which will help them to know about inventions that happened years ago. Stories bring out the inquisitiveness and the case studies stimulate them to create their own solutions.

The illustrations familiarize children with different designs; materials used which act as torch bearers for them on the glorious path of invention.

Problem Statements

Problem Statements act as a guide that facilitates structured thinking. By answering the problem statements, students arrive to a logical way of completing their task or assignment. This also acts as a tool to facilitate ideation, brainstorming and understanding of the scientific concept behind a project or invention. All in all Problem Statements act as an interesting way to learn and understand theory.

Inventor’s Guidebook

Inventor’s Guidebook enables students to learn scientific concepts through experiments. Using these students can design and experiment with components used for building a system or design a full fledged system itself. For eg: In understanding the concepts of Solar energy, students are made to design and conduct experiments using a solar panel and also build a full-fledged automobile that is powered by Solar energy.

Working with Design Worksheets ensures stimulation of imagination and creativity and also encourages learning of scientific concepts through experimentation and play. It provides sample problem statement

Level Classification

The entire course is of 6 Levels. With each Level duration of 4 months (12 session with 10 Project  workshops and 2 i-invent sessions).

The ideal workshop duration is between 2 to 2.5 hours.