Our Vision

To provide students with the practical application of science and technology which will help students to participate in science and technology by providing educational kits to practice what they are taught in their theoretical classes through continuous competitions.

Our Philosophy

We are committed to create a new wave in the domain of learning concerning science and technology by providing end to end solutions for content, methodology, delivery technology and assessment. These learning tools facilitate collaborative learning and self-analysis as students not just learn their lessons but begin to analyze why and how of things. The aspect which sets apart our creations is that, it not only makes one learn with a whole lot of involvement but also makes a student think about what is being learnt.

General Objectives

We provide students scientific kits which help them to innovate different projects.

  • Opening workshops that will help students practice different scientific projects through more than 40 experiments.
  • To stimulate young minds.
  • Getting students to explore.
  • Exposing students to observation and experimenting.
  • Letting students have their own piece of mind.
  • Making students understand the power of innovation.
  • Inculcating the habit of practicing and asking questions.
  • Emphasizing on the fact that one problem may have multiple solutions.
  • To master the scientific way of doing things.
  • Having workshops that follow practical topics such as; potential energy, marine eng., mechanism, hydraulics, aerodynamics, electronics, electromagnetisms, robotics and design.