Ethio-Robo Robotics Education and Competition Center was founded in 2011. The institute is a unique platform aims at promoting and strengthening the development of analytical Thinking and problem solving skills in the field of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math through hands-on Robotics education

Our Vision

To provide students with the practical application of STEM which will help students to participate in science technology Engineering and Math by providing educational Robotics to practice what they are taught in their theoretical classes through continuous practice and competitions.


Our Philosophy

We are committed to create a new wave in the domain of learning concerning Science Technology, Engineering and Math by providing solutions for methodology & practical education through Robotics. These learning tools facilitate collaborative learning and self-analysis as students not just learn their lessons but begin to analyze why and how of things. It doesn't only make one learn with a whole lot of involvement but also make a student think about what is being learnt.

General Objectives

  • • We provide students educational robot kits which help them to innovate different projects
  • • -Opening workshops & labs that will help students Design, program & build a robot
  • • To simulate young Minds
  • • Getting Students to Explore
  • • Exposing Students to Observe and experiment
  • • Letting Students have there own piece of mind
  • • Making students understand the power of innovation
  • • Including the habit of practicing and asking questions
  • • Emphasize on the fact that one problem may have multiple solutions
  • • To master the scientific way of doing things
  • • Having workshops, Robotics lab's, forming theme for Robotics Computations that follow Practical topics such as Robotics Education and STEM-real Innovations

Our Mission

  • • To Provide Students The Practical means of learning that help them to understand and enjoy their lesson
  • • To help promote Ethiopian educational policy by delivering the highest quality of practical education in the fields of science,technology Engineering & mathematics.

  • • To unity education and entertainment.
  • • To help promote Ethioplan educational policy by delivering the highest quality of practicaleducation in the fields of science,technology Engineering & mathematics.
  • • To create the best center which focuses on robotics education and competition which helps students work more on STEM-related innovation based on the Ethiopian educational policies. This would help students to participate in hands-on science activities.