Our company Ethio Robo Robotics Innovation First Robotic Education center, is dedicated to bringing innovative, unique platform of technology which aims at promoting and strengthen the development of analytical and problem solving skills in the field of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) . as our organization is the official partner of VEX robotics our training program will provide platform to students to design, build and program a robot to solve and engineering challenges by exploring the application of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).Our vision is to transform access and delivery of robotic trainings in Ethiopian and across sub-Saharan Africa, through an innovative, efficient, affordable, and scalable ways.

This document outlines our understanding of your requirement, overview of Ethio Robo Robotics and requirement of the system, financial proposal, and our capability. 

Our Mission

  • To provide students the practical means of learning that help them to understand and enjoy their lessons.
  • To help education in science and technology become fun-filled, innovative and student friendly.
  • To unify education and entertainment.
  • To help promote our 70/30 educational policy by delivering the highest quality of practical education in the fields of science and technology.

To create the best center which focuses on Science and Technology based on the Ethiopian educational policies. This would help students to participate in extra-curricular activities